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Main Course Gourmet Meal


At StoneHurst, we understand the immense importance of an expertly executed menu. We provide you and your guests with a feast for the senses that is every bit as visually impressive as it is appetizing. Our chefs meticulously craft unforgettable and delicious culinary displays that are professionally served with care that will impress your guests for your wedding. 

Chef David.PNG
David Marchand
Executive Chef

Here at StoneHurst of Hampton Valley, we strive to provide an experience that sets us apart from all other wedding venues. We offer extensive menus, with selections that we feel meets everyone's needs.  Since opening our doors in 2018, we have taken the time to dive into each menu item and really perfect them.  We pride ourselves on delicious, hot and timely cuisine for your cocktail hour and reception!


At our both of our venues we can provide buffet meals served to your guests by our staff as well as fully plated dinners. We have many different levels of packages with some of our most popular including BBQ and a Prime Rib caving station. I also understand that at times you may want to customize your menu and we are usually able to accommodate all of yours and your guests needs/wants including dietary restrictions!


As your chef, I full cherish the role that I play in your overall wedding experience. Although we have only been open a few years, we have quickly become a tight-knit family, and I welcome you to become a part of it.  I promise you won't regret it.  Bon Appetit.  

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